costume props


Costume props

For someone who does not make wigs for a living I have always had to design and use wigs in my productions. In Adverts the wigs have to only survive the day so expensive wigs are a waste of money. The wig below was not real hair but a cheap one it had not got a proper lace front. So I stuck the hair on the artist and the effect was surprisingly good, and cost about £50 for the whole look.

Cadbury's Chocolate advert

This job was very demanding, it was for Charles Settrington and involved taking a head cast of the model myself. I then got a wig made and put it on the base. The model maker then attached his work and on the day I dressed the model into it.
The wig department of the Royal Opera House made the base for the wig below and I made the rest to look like peacock feathers. It had fibre optics through it and we also made the special effects 'hands'.

Donnerstag aus Licht Royal Opera House