photo shoot for flyer

finished flyer

I appeared on BBC TV's Breakfast and Clothes Show to promote the Exhibition, Dressing the Part for the Victoria & Albert's Theatre Museum in Covent Garden. Later on Richard and Judy demonstarting how to make fairy wings out of coat hangers!

A Producer at Granada Television saw this and invited me to do a Halloween costume and this lead to special feature on Granda Breeze. Each week I would take a bought garment and restyle it whilst the program was on air. Trevor Sorbet did the hair and Karen Franklin was the fashion expert. This ran for six weeks.





photo of wedding outfit created on the program including fabric art work.

The anamatronic Wolf's head I created for In To The Woods was on BBC TV's Terry Wogan Show. The entire song was performed by Clive Carter as the Wolf.

The next developement was an Ass's head for Roy Hudd and later Dynsdale Landen. Both actors and my SFX head was featured on Richard and Judy too..
I have VHS tapes of all the television features available for clients