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Chirk Castle
Irish Georgian Society
18th century hoops

Christies catalogue description:

A lady's hooped petticoat, composed of four oval split cane hoops with two wooden banded half hoops on the hips, inscribed Mifs Midleton (indestinctly) in ink on the canvas, 18th century, probably for a mantua or formal robe

On Tuesday 15th March 2005 at Christies, South Kensington this lady's hooped petticoat was sold for £31,000 plus commission which gave a total of £37,200. It was a telephone bid that was successful against another telephone bidder.

They had belonged to a member of the Myddelton Family who still live at Chirk Castle, a National Trust Property.

Inside was written in ink ' Mis Midleton'.

Lord Myddelton clothes that he wore with his Peer's robes for the Coronation of George 111 used to be on loan to the Nottingham castle museum .

Where are these important clothes and are they going to be sold too?

Brocade jacket perhaps French, worn under Peer's robes for the coronation of George 111, c. 1760. Nottingham, Collection Lord Middleton. (Photo W. Spencer) The brocade jacket embroidered with sequins and trimmed with silver lace forms part of a ceremonial suit, which probably explains its richness and cut, and recalls the elegance of the beginning of the century. The deep sleeve-cuffs had not been worn in France for a long time.


This portrait is of Mary Ducane painted by Arthur Davis painted in 1747