Ass Head




Worn by Roy Hudd 1991

Michael Wright in Time Out June 5th 1991

"Although it is the Ass's head by Steven Gregory that really steals the show. With hilariously life like movements that cry out for a special 'Best Prop' award in next years Oliviers".

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Malcolm Rutherford in The Financial Times

"When Bottom is Transformed, Hudd wears the best ass's head I have ever seen. The eyes roll, the eyebrows twitch the ears move and the jaws, tongue and teeth do everything that can be expected of a thoughtful, lascivious beast who finds himself sleeping with the fairy queen. The production is worth seeing for the mask alone".

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Paul Taylor in The Independent

"The ass's head, by the way, with bashfully drooping eyelids and eyebrows that climb in slow astonishment at Titania's ardour, is a star turn in itself".

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Shaun Usher in the Standard

"You have to be there, but be assured that Hudd's new head ia a miraculousley mobile caricature of the comic beneath. It blinks, its eyebrows wiggle; one's persuaded that magic is at work".

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Worn by Dinsdale Landen 1992


The Sunday Telegraph

"As for the ass's head, designed by Steven Gregory, it seems more uncanny than ever. Last year one was struck be how extraordinarily expressive its features were. This year, in addition, it has somehow taken on the look of Nick Bottom himself. Lansden, thou art translated - and the translation is disconcertingly faithful".

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Jeremy Kingston in The Times Thursday June 4th 1992

"Star of the evening is the marvellous ass's head created by Steven Gregory for Bottom. Its forehead wrinkles the eyes roll the lips turn back and manage a lopsided twitch when Titania clings to him. The teeth too seem a characture of Dinsdale Landen own broad grin. Bestiality has never seemed more alluring"

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