Bibliography of Stella Mary Newton


Costume Books

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1947Hyacinth PinkThe Baynard Press Allan Wingate Publishers Ltd 64 Great Cumberland Place London W1 
1949The Designer’s Approach The Religious Drama Society London, pp. 10, no illus. 
1951 Designing for the Nativity PlayThe Religious Drama Society London, pp. i8, no illus. 
1952Appendix: The Dating of Seven Paintings by Tintoretto on the Evidence of Costume and Hairdressing, in Tintorettoby her husband Eric Newton, Longmans, illus. 
1953Costume in Caravaggio’s PaintingMagazine of Art, USA (April 1953), pp. 147—53, illus. ‘The Study of Costume as an Aid to the Dating of Italian Renaissance Painting’, Bulletin of the Needle and Bobbin Club, 37, USA, pp. 147—54, illus. 


Received 6/7/59

The Study of Costume in Painting  
Consultant to the National Gallery catalogues 
1959The German School.Michael Levey 
 The Sixteenth Century Venetian School. Cecil Gould 
1962The Sixteenth Century Italian Schools.Cecil Gould 
1968Early Netherlandish Schools.Martin Davies 



Costumi Tedeschi e Borgognoni nel libro di Marco Zoppo Commentarii, Rome (July-Sept. 1956), pp. 155—59, illus. 
1957         Costumi Tedeschi e Borgognoni in Italia nel 1452Commentarii, Rome, Oct.—Dec. 1957), pp. 244-47, illus. 
1959         The Study of Costume in PaintingStudies in Conservation, iv, no. 4 (Nov. 1959), pp. 127—39, illus. 


Dating a ForgeryBulletin of the Needle and Bobbin Club. USA, 44, p.23, illus. 


The Study of Dress in the Works of the Old Masters Antiques, USA (Nov. 1965), p. 6~o, ilus. 
1967    A Pendant of the Order of St. Hubert(Apollo LXXXV February 1967) pp. 126—27, illus. 
1969 Mrs. Delany and her HandiworkAntiques, USA (July 1969), p. 101, illus. 
1971 Homage to a Poet (Giorgione)Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, xxx, no. 1 USA, (Aug.-Sept. 1971), pp. 32-37, illus. 
1971 The Changing Forms of FashionDiscovering Antiques (Aug. 1971), no. 44, pp. 1047—51. Costume in the Late Georgian Era’, Discovering Antiques, no. ~ (Oct. 1971), pp. 1316-20. 
  Costume in the Empire Style Discovering Antiques, no. ~6 (Nov. 1971), pp. 1326-29. 
1975Fashions in Fashion History The Times Literary Supplement, no. 3, 811 (21 March 1975),  p.105. 
1976The Dating of a Portrait by Bartolommeo Veneto

Arte Veneta, xxx, illus., unpaginated. A Confraternity of the Holy Ghost and a Series of Paintings on the Life of the Virgin in London and Munich’, Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes, xxxix, PP. 59-68, illus.

1980Tomaso da Modena Simone Martini, Hungarians and St. Martin in Fourteenth Century ItalyJournal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes, XL111, pp. 234-38, illus. 
 A Persistent ImageCostume, no. 14, PP. 24—31, thus. 
1981Queen Philippa’s Squirrel Suit, Documenta Textilia, Munich, Festschrift fur Sigrid Muller-Christensen, pp. 342—48, illus 
1984 Frilled EdgesWith Mary M. Giza, Textile History, no. 14, illus. 

Educational Film Strips for Visual Publications London:
Looking into History, 16? strips with booklet and captions.
A Closer look into History, 8 strips.
L’Art Nouveau, 3 strips.
Writers and their Times, 6 strips.
The Elizabethan Dream, 3 strips with sound track of poetry and music.
The Renaissance Theatre, in The History of European Theatre jointly with Roger Dalladay
2 trips, MD. Anderson 1, and Diana de Marly 4, 1971.


1974Health, Art and Reason, dress reformers of the 19th Century’John Murray
1975Renaissance Theatre Costume and the Sense of the Historic Past, Rapp & Whiting/André Deutsch
1980Fashion in the Age of the Black Prince 1340-1365 Boydell Press UK/Rowman & Littlefield
1987The Dress of the Venetians,1495-I525 Scholar Press